Urgent Plea from Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Story by Judy Warnock     Photos by Mary Ducharme

We are looking for a very special home for our boy Dawson!  Dawson is like a flower bud.  He will blossom in due time, but you cannot force it.  You have to have patience, and when it  happens, you will see a beautiful, playful 4 year old black Lab who wants more than anything to be part of a loving family.  He will do best in an adults-only home with no other pets where he can enjoy his toys, walks, and his special people.

Before Dawson came to us, he lived a very solitary life in a rural area of Tucson with a single, older gentleman who suddenly passed away.  DLRR was called by his neighbors who had been taking care of Dawson.  He had hair loss and ear infections from allergies which had not been managed for quite some time.  DLRR worked with a veterinary dermatologist and got his allergies under control.  Then, Dawson was adopted out. And returned.  Then, he was adopted out.  And returned.

When we agreed to bring Dawson to our home to foster him after his second return, we got advice from a dog trainer not to approach him or invade his space at first, and to let him come to us.  For several weeks, he spent most of his time on his dog bed.  He seemed sad and depressed.  We were concerned about this dog who was unlike any dog we ever fostered. However, slowly, after about 3 weeks of being with us, a different Dawson started to emerge. Our patience paid off!  It has been a real joy to watch it happen and to be part of this process. Dawson has made a transformation!  He now comes to us when we call him, he wags his tail ALOT, he allows us to approach him when he is on his bed, he plays with toys (he is so darn cute when he does), and he looks in our eyes and even lifts his ears when we talk to him!  His tail wags on walks, and he is an awesome jogger.  He LOVES going on car rides.  When we come home after being out on errands, Dawson greets us with wild abandon – whining, tail wagging,and kisses.  He is quirky and loveable!  All of this is to say that his adoptive home will have to handle him just the way we did, by giving him time and space.  It has been worth the wait!

Dawson can get along with other dogs, but we think he should not live with them or
children—it would be too stressful for him.  We also know that Dawson needs an adopter who is not looking for a cuddly and needy dog, who values a dog who is more independent, and who will understand Dawson and love him for who he is.  There is a lot to like about Dawson – he follows basic commands well, is housebroken and uses the doggie door, is trustworthy when left alone, sleeps all night until you get up, does not counter surf, and is a great watchdog.  If you are up for an adventure with a handsome black Lab, you might be perfect for Dawson!
If you would like to know more, and/or might consider adopting Dawson, please reach out to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue (DLRR) at 480-899-5227 or info@dlrr.org so we can tell you more about this sweet boy who deserves to know the love of a forever home.  Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.  You can see Dawson at 



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