Introducing Cover Dog, Daisy Sonora and Friends!!

Story by Bonnie Craig
Congratulations Tucsonans, Autumn is here! After surviving the hottest summer on record, we can finally dig out our down jackets and wool sweaters for those chilly 80 degree days. More congratulations are in order though, as it is time to celebrate our latest cover dog contest winner, and of course our glorious runners up.

Everyone put your hands together for the dainty yet mighty, goofy yet graceful, fantastic and phenomenal Daisy Sonora! We’ll get to know her more soon, but first, let’s learn about our runners up. As always there was some stiff competition, every contestant as wonderful and deserving as the next. There were even a few duos so perfect we couldn’t resist the package deals.

The first of these dynamic duos is Duke and Lilly. The mini Schnauzer and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix came into rescue as a bonded pair in June 2023 after sadly, their person passed away. Respectively 9 and 15 years old, they looked to each other for security in what must have been a very traumatic time for them. While in foster, it became clear that the chances of the seniors being adopted together were slim, especially considering Lilly’s disability and need for a specialized mobility aid. Unable to stand the thought of separating them, the family decided to adopt the two. Lilly passed away in September of 2023, which was of course, heartbreaking, but also bitter sweet. She lived to the ripe old age of 15 and a half, playing ball and lounging around in a comfortable home with her new family and best friend Duke. He will live out his golden years in comfort and love as well, and who knows, maybe they will meet again as spry puppies on their next go around. Good on you Lilly and Duke!

Next up we have Layla. Somewhat chuggish in appearance, this cute little gal is a real brainiac! Originally

a Mexican street dog, the celestial bodies aligned just right, allowing her to be swooped up by local non-profit Moon & Stars Rescue. In 2022, her lucky number came up again, and she was Adopted by Stacie LaBorde, who’s lucky number had apparently been drawn at the same time. Their home is now filled with love and energy thanks to the serendipitous events that brought them together. Many accolades to you, Layla!

Another of our amazing contestants is She-ra. This regal beauty brings a classic rags to riches tale. Found by her person on a lone dirt road, bailing twine around her neck, she came right up to their truck when they pulled over. Wanting to be sure someone wasn’t looking for her, despite the less than ideal conditions she had been found under, her would-be person took her to PACC to check for a chip. The wait period to see if anyone would come forward to claim her seemed interminable, but after seven days on pins and needles, they made the adoption official. Four years into their life together, She-ra and her forever person are best friends and adventure companions, and despite her flinty exterior, Shera dotes on her kitties and hamster, her own foster babies. You are a true princess of power, She-ra!

Pepper, a nine year old Chihuahua mix and Benji, a six year old terrier mix, are our second bonded pair. Pepper was adopted in Washington state. A few years later when the family moved to Tucson and Covid hit, they decided it was a good time to adopt a friend for Pepper. When they found Benji, then age three, he had already been rehomed several times. The only possible explanation for this was that the  lovely little pup was destined to be Pepper’s BFF. The two hit it off right away, and are spoiled rotten every day. Keep enjoying that high life, Pepper and Benji!

Milo was surrendered to Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue after a nasty run in with fox tail grass led to some serious vet bills. He was adopted, then returned to his foster, who took it as a sign he was meant to be with her and made it official. He went on to earn his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate and now enjoys parks, live music, hiking, and people watching.

Have fun out there, Milo, but stay away from that pesky grass!
Frankie is another of our handsome rags to riches pups. Although he didn’t have the best start in life, he’s making up for lost time. He is  now a well-behaved, adventure taking, trick performing, all around happy and loving guy. Props to you, Frankie!

After these fantastic opening acts, we’re finally ready to meet our headliner, cover dog winner, Daisy Sonora! Her brother Winston, a doodle, and sister Matilda, a bull terrier, would  describe her as  “…a goofy clown who runs like a gazelle.” When she first joined the family at six months old, they were a little cautious, but soon came to realize what a fun loving and playful new family member they had gained in her. In addition to her two dog siblings, Daisy has two kitties, Greyson and August, and two doting dads, Jeffery, a nurse, and Andrew, who much to everyone’s delight, works from home.

As with most rescue pups, Daisy didn’t always have it this good. She was living on the streets of Hermosillo in Sonora, Mexico when local non-profit, Rescue Me Tucson took her in. Her dads then adopted her through Valley Humane Society in July 2022. The fact that she came from the state of Sonora accounts for the second part of her name, but why Daisy? Well, the Spanish word for Daisy is Margarita, something her dads enjoy almost as much as they enjoy her (and rightfully so)! As for her breed, the DNA test came back mostly cattle dog and supermutt, the result of so many different breeds coming together over time that they are just one wonderful and  genetically diverse group, with no recognizable individual breeds left. DNA results aside, Jeffrey and Andrew are convinced she has some greyhound in her lineage, due to her graceful yet breakneck speed when racing around the yard. She certainly does have a bit of that willowy look to her.

In addition to her good looks, Daisy seems to know that variety is the spice of life; she loves to sit down to a meal at the same time as the rest of the family, but she doesn’t like to eat the same thing twice in a row. Her dads attribute this trait to the less than routine life she lived as a street dog. While she loves belly rubs, she doesn’t like tight hugs, still being wild at heart. She is always looking up, tracking anything that flies free in the sky, that is, when she isn’t busy provoking her siblings for playtime. If Daisy could give some advice to other pups on the come up, she would probably tell them, “If you can, get you a parent that works from home and some super fun siblings.” Great advice, Daisy Sonora. Thanks for being our cover girl, and cheers to many long and happy years ahead for you and your fabulous family!



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