Hope of Deliverance, Tucson’s Grassroots Rescue

Story by Bree Kishman Director of Hope of Deliverance, Inc.
“We Live in Hope of Deliverance from the Darkness that Surrounds Us”
–  Paul McCartney
When Hope of Deliverance began, we knew our biggest goal was bringing a sense of community to our rescue – that was the priority. Of course, saving dogs was our mission and our passion but without kind, giving, selfless, and dedicated individuals, saving dogs successfully would not be possible.

Hope of Deliverance is dedicated to being the voice for the voiceless. Our mission is to partner with rural animal shelters throughout southern Arizona, specifically those with low or no veterinary care available at their shelter, to save as many dogs as possible. We aim to do so by tightening the rescue community. If we are at capacity with our means, we concentrate on placing dogs with partnering rescues.

Hope of Deliverance provides “tops to tails” care for the dogs that we pull from the shelter; this includes All medical care, supplies for fosters, training support, if needed for fosters and adopters as well as mandatory training for our adoptable puppies. Well-trained and socialized puppies lessen the return rate.

The dogs in our care are fully vetted, come with training support, and all supplies are covered for our fosters. Supplies include food, training tools, collars, leashes, bedding, dog wheelchairs, and anything else needed for that specific dog. Our promise is to care for each foster as our own and provide a full support system of professionals and volunteers before, during, and after adoption.

The most vital aspect of Hope of Deliverance is our volunteers. As an all volunteer-run organization, we strive to make everyone feel welcomed, valued, appreciated, and supported. More importantly, we like people to know that they can in fact contribute to helping our dogs, even if they are unable to foster.

Fostering is always our most crucial need however, we may have a foster parent who has work or a lack of transportation for appointments. We provide volunteers who will drive the foster dog to appointments such as Veterinary visits, and training classes and even deliver the dog to the foster home. When we have events, we aim to involve other rescues, other charities, and the community as much as possible. And in the situation when a foster dog “Crosses The Rainbow Bridge”, we make certain that no one feels alone.

A rescue cannot be successful unless all parts are working as one large machine. Within Hope of Deliverance, you’ll find the most passionate, caring dog lovers in our “Village”, a Village that grows stronger by the day. We may not be the largest rescue, we may run “paycheck-to-paycheck,” but you will find volunteers with hearts worth their weight in gold that would drop anything at any time for a dog in need, and that is what makes our little rescue successful.

To learn more about Hope of Deliverance, Inc., please visit www.hopeofdeliverance.org



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