Develop A Deeper Relationship With Your Pets Through Animal Communication

Story and Photos by Alison Martin, Animal Soul Connection
Have you ever had the feeling your animal companion was reading your mind?

For example, maybe you thought about taking your dog for a walk and suddenly, he was right in front of you, wagging his tail. Possibly you’ve experienced your cat running under the bed just before you went to get her cat carrier to go to the vet. You may have brushed these times off as coincidence without realizing what was really happening.

Your pets are reading your thoughts and feelings because they communicate telepathically. This is their natural language. Unfortunately, we often send mixed signals to our pets which can cause behavior and emotional problems. Rather than thinking your dog or cat is behaving ‘badly’ when you understand what they are trying to tell you, then you can start to solve any issues they’re having.

We often communicate verbally with our pets but we’re thinking something different in our minds, sending them confusing messages. Because animals communicate telepathically, they are not focused on verbal requests as much as they are our thoughts. For instance, your dog may bark at other dogs while walking because you’re worried he is going to bark. He reads this as something you are actually asking him to do.

It becomes clear how these mixed messages are confusing when you have a 3-way conversation with your pet during an animal communication session. Imagine for a moment living with someone your entire life and never speaking the same language. Do you think there might be issues that arise from poor communication?

It’s the same for our animal family. They are trying their best to tell us what they need and want, but most often, we don’t understand and our pets take the blame. We may see them as unruly, destructive, depressed, anxious, fearful…the list is endless. While what is really happening is simple. They need to communicate with you in their language!

I recently worked with a client who was at her wit’s end with her cat urinating outside his litter box in their new home. He had been cleared by his vet with no physical issues yet, the ‘bad behavior’ was continuing and he was beginning to ruin areas of the house. When I spoke with this kitty, he clearly showed the problem was the location of his litter box. It was in a laundry room where there was a lot of noise from the vents. This was new to him and was very unsettling. His person moved his litter box to a different location and the inappropriate urinating issue stopped right away.

Can you see how frustrated this cat must have been, along with his person who was upset too? Are you worried, frustrated, concerned, or even angry about an issue your pet is having right now? You might even be feeling a bit resentful, that’s normal. But, you don’t have to struggle. Your pet has the answers…you just need someone to be a translator for the two of you!

That’s where an animal communication session can help. An Animal Communicator serves as a bridge of communication for you and your pet. You get to ask the questions that are causing you concern, and your pet gets to give you the answers! Your animal companion is finally heard and understood. Can you imagine the feeling your pet will have when the burden of trying to talk with you is lifted and they have someone speaking their telepathic language?

Through animal communication, you can resolve any issues in a logical way, rather than guessing and searching endlessly for answers.

After an animal communication session, you’ll live more in sync with each other plus a wonderful bonus is you will be in a deeper relationship with your pet and feel more connected, because you finally understand each other.

Everyone has the natural intuitive ability to communicate with their animals. You simply need the desire and an open heart and mind.

Here’s a tip for you to practice sending clear communication to your pet:

It’s quite simple. Match your thoughts to your words! If you want your dog to stop chewing the dog bed, send him a picture of the dog bed intact, not of him chewing the bed. Rather than picturing your cat urinating on the floor next to the litter box, picture her urinating inside her clean box. Send them images of what you want them to do…not what you don’t want them to do.

Practice the awareness of communication with your pet and you’ll find you’re developing an even deeper relationship of love and understanding.

Alison Martin is the Founder of Animal Soul Connection. Email: alison@animalsoulconnection.com or visit www.animalsoulconnection.com



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