Should You Bring Your Dog with You on Vacation?

Story by Meganne Carpenter, Regional Scout, Camp Bow Wow Tucson East
With summer upon us, many people have vacation on their minds. Though a lot of pet parents would love to bring their furry friend along for the ride, it’s not always the easiest option. Whether you decide to bring your pup along for the adventure or leave them at a trusted boarding facility, there are many options to consider. The question of whether to bring your dog with you when traveling depends on their personality and needs. Consider whether they enjoy spending time in the car with you, exploring new places, and meeting new people, or would they rather have a smaller circle of preferred human and animal friends? For some dogs, staying behind at a boarding facility or with a trusted pet sitter may be less stressful, whereas for others, joining you on a trip can be rewarding for both of you. If you decide to leave your pup behind, choosing a boarding facility vs a home pet sitter is a big decision. When leaving your pup for the next several days or weeks, it’s natural that pet parents want to find the best of the best. Whether you are looking for boarding or a pet sitter it’s important to read reviews or ask for recommendations from friends or family. Hearing about past pet parent (and pup) experiences can help you narrow down your options. Get answers to your burning questions, meet the people who are caring for your pet, and get a feel for how the dogs are cared for. When boarding, it’s recommended to try daycare first. Starting with shorter daycare visits can help your pup get acclimated to other dogs, the employees, and the location itself before a longer stay. Also, if your dog hasn’t boarded in a while, it’s a good idea to use daycare to reintroduce them to the environment. If you’re considering bringing your pooch along on vacation, it’s important to speak with your veterinarian well in advance of your trip to ensure your dog is prepared for any health risks along with helping your pup get the proper vaccines and health inspections. It’s also important to choose a hotel whose policies make traveling with pets easier, for example pet-friendly amenities. The biggest tip when bringing your pup along with you is to research dog-friendly activities and restaurants. You can plan by checking your destination’s official city and visitor websites to learn about local pet-friendly parks, trails, restaurants, and other attractions. Whether you plan to board or bring your dog with you, keeping their best interest in mind is key for you and your pup to have an enjoyable summer vacation. We hope you have a great trip!



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