Happy Endings: Sara’s Grand Adventure

Story by Kim Eisele

It was a sunny afternoon, close to closing time at The Animal League of Green Valley in Arizona, where I had lived for almost three years. Oh, I thought…another long night without a human. My favorite times are cuddling with a person!

Then a volunteer entered my yard with a stranger, a large man with a beard. At first sniff, I could sense he was a kind dog-lover. Could this be someone to take me home?

I was on my very best behavior and showed this friendly man, Nick, all my finest moves…sit, down, stay… I could tell he was impressed with me as he gently spoke to me and scratched behind my ears.

Then he was saying good-bye! Oh no, what did I do wrong? Please stay I implored with my eyes as he left.

A couple days later a very excited volunteer leashed me up. As we rounded a corner, I saw the biggest truck ever! As my eyes took in the sight, my nose got a whiff of something remarkable. It was the essence of the kind man with the beard. Nick was back!

The next thing I knew, Nick gently picked me up and placed me on the very high seat of the gigantic truck. As I anxiously sat there, a large rumbling noise started and the truck vibrated. There were a group of my favorite volunteers all waving at us…some with tears in their eyes. Was I going to my forever home?

Then we were moving!

I immediately loved riding in the grand beast. The vibrating sort of lulled me into an almost sleepy state at times. And the scenes I saw outside the windows! Wow!

Since we left the shelter, I am almost always with Nick. We drive along the highways (of course, I navigate) stopping occasionally. At first when Nick left me alone, I was nervous because I have what humans call separation anxiety. However, I just hang my head out the window, keeping Nick’s scent in my nostrils, and before I know it, he is back, usually smelling fresh and clean, and bringing me a tasty snack. At night I get to sleep in a comfy spot behind the seats cuddled up with Nick. Nights are my favorite time in my new home!

Life on the road in a long-haul truck is the greatest adventure I could ever imagine. We have visited New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. I constantly get to meet new people and dogs! I now have dog friends all across the country.

Currently we are in Missouri at Nick’s “other” home. I love Nick’s 5 children and especially his wife. I enjoy laying with her on the couch to help keep an eye on the baby. I also play with Nick’s Mom’s Pitbull, Knott Head, who doesn’t like other dogs. He likes me, though, because he knows that I love Nick’s family and they love me!

Nick just whispered to me that we are hitting the road again in a couple of days. Life with my person keeps getting better and better. I wag my tail and look fondly up at Nick wondering, what will be our next adventure?



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  1. Bitzie Gates

    Great story. Made my day!


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