Feature Story: SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue PAYOFF VET DEBT Campaign

SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue PAYOFF VET DEBT Campaign

By Claire Sheridan

The Third Annual PAYOFF VET DEBT capital campaign kicks off on Monday, July 9th. In the previous two years, the fundraiser donated a total of $53,341 to some of the many animal rescue organizations in our community. This is Tucson’s only multi-rescue group fundraiser.

The fundraiser is sponsored by SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network, which is a group of animal advocates in the SaddleBrooke retirement community. This year, they, and long-time local animal champion Bonnie Kay, are offering a $2-fur-$1 match of up to $30,000 to benefit multiple animal rescue groups throughout Tucson.

In order for rescues to be included as beneficiaries of the fundraiser, there are qualifications they must meet. These include: being a 501(c)(3) that serves mostly Tucson with all-breed cat or dog rescue; operating a minimum of 1 year; having a verifiable veterinary debt of $10,000 or more and having rescued a minimum of 15 pets in 2017.

If the community donates $15,000, Saddlebrooke Pet Rescue Network will donate $15,000, and Bonnie Kay will donate an additional $15,000, for a total donation of $45,000. These funds will go directly to paying off the veterinary care debt carried by local rescues. Leslie Rocco of Saddlebrooke Pet Rescue Network said, “Pet rescue groups are unsung heroes with enormous, ongoing medical expenses and no income except donations. Vet expenses have dramatically increased because groups are saving animals [that were] once euthanized. If not US, then WHO? If not NOW, WHEN? The need is urgent.”

The animal rescues in Tucson are saving senior, sick, abused, neglected and injured animals that would otherwise not receive medical care or find loving homes to advance the No Kill Solution for our community. The expense of providing care to these animals is enormous, and veterinary bills are a huge component of many rescue’s expenses. The campaign’s goal is bringing the Tucson community together to support the rescues that do this life-saving work.

Donations are tax deductible and 100% of the funds go directly to veterinary accounts of the rescue groups.

Learn more and donate at: www.payoffvetdebt.com

You can also mail a check to: Lil Bit of Love, PAYOFF VET DEBT, 63457 E. Squash Blossom Lane, Tucson, AZ 85739.

Be sure to like PAYOFF VET DEBT on Facebook.

Please spread the word and help them meet their $45,000 fundraising goal by July 31.



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