…And the Winner of the Woofstock 2019 Cover Dog Contest is… Sebastian!

Story by Bonnie Craig. Photos courtesy Amy Boice

The Tucson Dog Magazine is proud to announce the winner of our latest cover dog contest! With so many amazing entrants it was not an easy choice, but our qualified panel of judges deliberated over the Most Creative Costume, Best Personality and Coolest Dog categories, and with the help of a public vote, Sebastian was declared the winner!

According to his human mom, Amy Boice, the “lab, Dalmatian, mastiff, Aussie, who knows” mix was a shoo-in for the job. She explained that even though he has only just turned two, the ridiculously photogenic pup has the ability to be calm and focused, allowing Amy to “take a million photos of him and dress him up”. She attributes this to the fact that he and his two “sisters” live together in a pack and are constantly being photographed.

In addition to his inherent charm, Sebastian had plenty of people rooting for him in his campaign for cover dog. A coworker of Amy’s at Costco had an accidental litter, and four of the pups, including Sebastian, ended up going to employees of the store. People from that location as well as others from Amy’s Facebook and Nextdoor networks cast their votes for Sebastian who knocked the socks off the Tucson Dog panel of judges.

The judges may never have met Sebastian, but his personality comes across in his photos. Amy describes him as “very big, goofy and playful”, but after obedience training, also able to focus and heel. He loves to be cozy and snuggle up but is a bit of an athlete as well. He is a swimmer and enjoys jumping off the edge of the family pool for a dip, and like many desert dogs, is an avid lizard chaser.

No stranger to fame, Sebastian even rode along for a St. Patty’s Day parade with the Boices’ Tucson jeep club, sporting sunglasses and beads the whole route. He is also quite popular at local Tucson plant nursery, Mesquite Valley Growers, where he enjoys flaunting his impeccable manners, which he also models at the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) events the family attends religiously.

While there are no human children in the Boice family, Sebastian and his sisters fill that role just fine, sharing their limitless warmth, joy and humor every day. They are a reminder of what important family members dogs are. When asked about a message Sebastian might like to share with the world, Amy says, “He would ask for people to please rescue their next pet. He also wishes the world recycled more. He is very thankful for pet friendly stores and bacon. He reminds me to take time out to smell the flowers and follow what makes you happy.” If these are not words to live by, we at the Tucson Dog Magazine don’t know what are. Congratulations Sebastian, and keep sharing your sweetness with the world.



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