Celebration of Life: Sheesha; The Dog Who Saved My Life!

Story by Christian McShea, Photos courtesy Heather McShea
Everyone always tells you when you’re young that life isn’t always easy, but you’re young so who cares; I can handle it! Then you get older and life turns into a domino effect created by your choices and thought process. As a direct result of my choices my life went in a direction that most don’t recover from… I did because of Sheesha. She saved my life.

I was 18 years old when Sheesha was born and she immediately caught my eye. I remember holding her on my chest while she was asleep in that puppy daze flinching and whining. I remember thinking… she’s coming home with me. When she finally did I took her everywhere with me, every walk, every car ride, every party even because we were glued at the hip. Some would say she had me trained better than I had her trained.

She was the sweetest puppy I’ve ever known and as the days passed my decisions got worse and I started to go down the wrong path but whenever I would come home, she was there waiting to give me nothing but love and whenever I left, she would wait to do the same again. As my condition got worse you could notice she got sad too. We were so connected that we would feel the same no matter how far apart we were. Then one day I came home laid down feeling worse than I ever had and she came up to me, put her head on my arm and gave me the love I needed at the exact time I needed. She somehow knew that if she wasn’t there at that time, it would have been the end for me. She gave me the love I didn’t deserve that saved me. She helped pull me out of the place I was in to become the man I am today; she never left my side and always showed me nothing but love, even when I didn’t show her it back.

I’m 27 years old now and Sheesha passed a few months ago and she was the best companion I’ve ever known. No matter how much I don’t want to feel the pain of her not being here, I need to so I can truly value the impact she had on my life. So I can allow myself to visit her in my mind and spirit, so I can carry on with the beautiful life she helped me find.

I love Sheesha more than words can describe and she will live on through my heart. Continuing to help me live the life of happiness she wanted me to have.



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