2022 Data, A Clear Message That The Well-Being of Our Animals is A Community Effort

Story by Kayleigh Murdock, Public Information Officer, PACC
Here at PACC, we love data. It may not always be the most exciting thing to everyone, but to a shelter professional, data shows us trends and teaches us lessons that can impact untold thousands of animals if we are willing to decipher it.  It also provides a tool for transparency with the community.

We are now into 2023, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the successes and opportunities that our 2022 data showed us. While last year was challenging in some ways, such as operating at 120%-150% capacity for the year, we want to celebrate the highlights. PACC took in nearly 17,000 pets and placed or reunited 91.1% of those pets.  The data continues to show that our community, from volunteers to fosters to rescue partners, supports PACC and helps to keep us a lifesaving shelter. I am, once again, reminded that the well-being of our animals is a community effort, and I am so humbled and thankful for the incredible kindness shown by this community. In particular, I want to thank those who have found happy, healthy strays and helped them find their way home, allowing us to focus on the animals that truly need us.
I must acknowledge, as well, the incredibly hard work of our staff and volunteers. PACC employees make this all happen every step of the way and our volunteers greatly enhance our work. Our clinic cares for sick and injured animals and performs necessary surgeries in-house. Our APS team is out in the field day and night, rain or shine, ensuring that Pima County is a safe and humane community. Our adoptions and foster teams work together to find loving homes for the animals in our care, and our Pet Support team does groundbreaking work helping support more than 3,000 families in Pima County in honoring the human-animal bond. Countless other hands are involved in keeping our pets safe, healthy, and happy while at the shelter. Our success would not be possible without our incomparable staff.

Moving into 2023, our greatest opportunities are clear. We want to increase the number of animals transferred to rescue partner organizations. To achieve that goal, rescues need help from fosters!

In addition, we want to help the folks that find lost pets find homes before having to come to the shelter. We are regularly updating our resources and tools, and we have some exciting changes on the horizon that will help us help even more pets in this way.

Another opportunity, one you can help with is to increase community awareness about PACC and the services we offer. We want everyone to know about the work we’re doing in this community, the wonderful animals we have available for adoption, and that we can help keep families and pets together.

We are so thankful to Pima County for helping us remain a lifesaving shelter in 2022. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together in 2023!

For all available pets and services, please visit www.pima.gov/animalcare



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