Dear Humans,

I love this time of year when it’s cooler outside and I get to be out there even more! And the other thing that is going on is, what my mom calls, “the hectic holidays!” I’m not sure what all that is about BUT there is a lot of food, parties, guests in the house and sometimes lots of travel too. It seems to stress the humans out a bit.

I would like to give you some tips on things you can do with your “best friend” to make sure we don’t get forgotten because we still need lots of physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. So please, remember us and make time to do some of these fun things with us:

Take time to take in the sights of the season with your dog. Take a walk around the neighborhood to see the lights and decorations. Remember to take the weather into consideration as it gets colder and if your pet needs it, bring out that sweater or coat.
Find some games to play inside if it’s too cold or rainy outside. My mom found a great puzzle that makes me slide pieces of wood over to find the treats, which I always do. It’s not only great stimulation for our minds, but I love the tasty treats she puts in them…yum! Check with your local pet store to find out all the games they have available as there are many.
Find local activities to do with your dog. Many shelters have special holiday events that you and your best friend can attend together. Check out the Calendar section of The Tucson Dog to find out what’s going on in the area.
If your house gets really busy with guests, make sure you provide a safe, cozy place for your pets away from all the hustle and bustle. A cozy bed, ours or yours…ha, ha and make sure to provide food, water and toys so we can entertain ourselves.
Give your dog lots of fresh air whenever possible. Many places welcome your four-legged friends like tree farms, nurseries, outdoor markets, dog parks and sometimes even just a car ride is fun! We go every day at my house and I love it! Just keep the weather in mind before you head out.
Take an agility class or join one of the great clubs in Tucson where you can have fun with your “best friend.” It’s a great way to occupy our minds and our bodies as well as your own. We can stay healthy together!
Have a doggie playdate! This is a great activity to socialize your dog and you also get to socialize with your dpg’s human. This activity can be done either inside or outdoors, weather permitting. Socializing is a very important part of our well-being as well as yours. We are all social beings!
Get some holiday pics done of you and your dog! I know you like sharing pictures of us! You can even create some holiday cards with them to make your friends and family smile!

When it’s cold outside and the season gets busy, please keep these activities in mind. It’s not only good for your beloved dog, but it’s good for you and the whole family. Happy Holiday as my mom always says!

Peace, Love & holiday treats!